Personal-managed healthcare

Manage all your health information in one place, integrate recreational, sport, medical records, and more. Have peace of mind for when you travel, that all your care and treatment can be coordinated with your doctor back home. Our platform acts as a Rossetta stone, simplifying your health information so you can understand it, and take charge in managing your health.

Our PC-HNMS closes the gap in the rapidly advancing Critical Emerging Technologies in healthcare monitoring and AI-enabled models. We centralize healthcare services around the patient, in the decentralized healthcare setting. Our PC-HCNMS is interoperable with existing healthcare infrastructure and stand-alone without any existing healthcare infrastructure. A nexus streamlining information-of-flows for all caregivers around the patient, enhancing patient-centered care. Combining Internet of Things (IoT), and machine-to-machine (M2M) integration, with situational awareness as a single supportive intelligent platform for the healthcare system.

Intelligent personalized record management for the patient enables physicians to achieve greater access to their patients’ medical records. Physicians can receive alerts, based on patient condition and trends to signal necessary consultations - capturing illness occurrences before acute emergencies, enhancing chronic care management. Physicians can monitor patient conditions after medication adjustments, and treatment, collaborate with other treating physicians while hospitalized, improving treatment plan decisions. Physicians can closely monitor discharged patients, reducing risk of readmission, and complications post procedures. EMS integration with clinics and hospitals enables community paramedics to collaborate with physicians over an intelligent and interactive digital twin in real-time.

This includes integration and aggregation of PoC diagnostics, labs and health information providing real-time information-of-flows, enhancing discussion and understanding of the patient case, delivering data-driven patient diagnostics and treatment plan decisions, increasing the level of quality care delivered at the patient's home, improving patient health, meeting quality care metrics, reducing readmissions and improving the public health of the grater community.

drive your health

Take charge of your health by tracking your progress. Your improvements and activities should be seen by your physician and incorporated in his decision making. We create an interactive medical wallet for you to merge all your health in one place in a way you can understand and be rewarded for. 

personalized medicine

Manage all of your medical records, health and information in one place, in a way easy for you to understand. Our solution acts a Rossetta stone presenting you your health information in a way you can understand. Improve your care by tailoring care and services to your needs, so your entire care team can be on the same page.

international travel care coordination

Stay connected to your local EMS system in case of an emergency, and enable your physician to oversee your care if you get sick anywhere in the world. Our medical wallet is not only a place for your medical information to help physicians, but for your physician to manage your care a synchronously.

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Personalized AI-enabled medicine, centered around your personal care needs.


Manage all your health documents in one place, sharing them with who needs them.


Connect with your local EMS system to activate an emergency response when in trouble.

Rossetta Stone

Receive information how you can understand it.